Welcome to the Space Situational Awareness Conference 2014:

NEW SPEAKER JUST CONFIRMED….Diana McKissock, Head SSA, JSpOC (Joint Space Operations Center) US STRATEGIC COMMAND

With increasing dependence on space-based services, the ability to protect space infrastructure has become essential to our society. Any shutdown of even a part of space infrastructures could have significant consequences for the well-functioning of economic activities and our citizens’ safety, and would impair the provision of emergency services.


However, space infrastructures are increasingly threatened by the risk of collision between spacecraft and more importantly, between spacecraft and space debris. As a matter of fact, space debris has become the most serious threat to the sustainability of certain space activities.

In order to mitigate the risk of collision it is necessary to identify and monitor satellites and space debris, catalogue their positions, and track their movements (trajectory) when a potential risk of collision has been identified, so that satellite operators can be alerted to move their satellites. This activity is known as space surveillance and tracking (SST), and is today mostly based on ground-based sensors such as telescopes and radars.

With a focus on solving the political issues but not ignoring the technical, Space Situational Awareness 2014 is the second gathering of dedicated SSA Experts from across Europe and the USA, to discuss and debate the business, political and technical challenges that lie ahead.

Who should attend Space Situational Awareness 2014:

Space Situational Awareness 2014 is a community of experts from Government, Space Agencies, Satellite / Spacecraft Operators, Space Lawyers, Space Insurance providers and Defense who are looking to understand and predict the physical location of natural and manmade objects in orbit around the Earth, with the objective of avoiding collisions.

How can you get involved in  Space Situational Awareness 2014?

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